Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Download the Autumn 2021 Newsletter to read more about surveys carried out in 2021 and surveys you can get involved with over winter 2021/2022. In the newsletter you’ll find out about the 2021 Woodcock survey and other regular BTO surveys. There’s also information about the Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) with a list of sites that […]

Spotted Flycatcher

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Download the Spring 2021 Newsletter to find out more about surveys planned over 2021. These surveys include Turtle Dove & Nightingale surveys organised by both RSPB and Surrey Bid Club / Sussex Ornithological Society in the Chiddingfold Forest. Also there is news on BTO surveys including the regular BBS, WBBS, WeBS & Heronries. Plus this […]