Every year we hold practical training courses on how to carry out surveys and bird identification. In addition there are some great training videos published by the BTO, a selection of which are shown below.

Upcoming events

BirdTrack training

BirdTrack training 90 minutes via Zoom

The BTO kindly agreed to give training about BirdTrack to the Surrey region. The talk was recorded so you can listen at your leisure (and pause it at any point)  The talk covers a basic introduction to what BirdTrack is, how to add a place and record via the website and how to use the App. The talk will also cover looking at your own records and Recent Sightings to see what is in your area. To view the recording please contact

BTO Videos

Below is a selection of videos produced by the BTO and hosted on YouTube. Click the videos to watch them here, most are just a few minutes long. Some are ‘playlists’ which will run through a series of short videos on a common theme. Use the menu at the top right of the video to pick a particular video from the playlist.

Bird Identification

There’s a great library of identification videos. Each of these videos is around 5 minutes long and focusing on tips to distinguish between a pair of similar species. As well as visual identification guides there is a separate playlist to help with recognising Bird Songs. Being able to tell birds apart by their songs is especially helpful if you plan to take part in a survey like the Breeding Birds Survey (BBS).

Scroll through these 74 videos to pick one of interest!

27 bird song videos

Training on Surveys

Garden Birdwatch

Garden Birdwatch is a great way to get started from the comfort of your own home, and is free to all. It runs throughout the year and provides the BTO with an invaluable wealth of information on trends in species visiting gardens.

Intro to Garden Birdwatch, followed by 8 videos on identifying Garden Birds

Breeding Birds Survey (BBS)

The Breeding Birds Survey runs over the spring & summer months and is carried out in randomly selected 1km grid squares. If you are interested in taking part then take a look at this map to see if there any vacant squares in your neighbourhood. You can also get more information on our BBS survey page or contact Penny at Penny runs a BBS Practice Course once a year where a detailed explanation of the survey is given and you then get an opportunity to put into practice what you have been told. Feedback from previous courses is that it is very helpful. The 2024 course is taking place on 6th April 2024 so please contact Penny if you would like more details.

Creating a BBS transect route
Entering Survey Data Online

Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS)

The Wetland Birds Survey is carried out one Sunday per month in designated wetland areas. The survey records all waterbirds that you see. If you are interested in taking part please go to our WeBS survey page for more information or contact us. You can also go to the BTO’s map of the Surrey and South-West London to see the WeBS sites in the region (clicking on the site shows whether it is vacant).

Playlist of 9 videos, on how to carry out the WeBS survey
Online results of the WeBS survey

Nesting Neighbours

Nesting Neighbours allows you to record nest boxes and nesting birds in your garden, and log what birds are using them and how many chicks they raise.

Playlist of 4 videos, on recording your garden nests.


BirdTrack provides an app and online website to record all your birdwatching. This can either be ‘complete’ lists from a walk or ‘casual’ observations of more unusual species spotted. All this information is fed into the BTO’s research so, in using BirdTrack, you are contributing vital data.

Playlist of 4 videos on using BirdTrack online