Meet the Team

Meet the team at BTO Surrey:

Penny Williams

Regional Representative for Surrey & Volunteer

I’m Penny Williams and, since November 2010, I have been the BTO Regional Representative (RR) for Surrey. I am also the Local Organiser for the Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS), and the Regional Organiser for the Breeding Birds Survey (BBS), the Waterways Breeding Birds Survey (WBBS) and the Woodcock survey. Please contact me if you are interested in helping with any of these surveys, or if you want to help build the BTO Surrey community in any other way, by emailing

I have one other role in the County. I am the membership secretary of Surrey Bird Club. If you are interested in joining the Surrey Bird Club or, you would like to know more about the club, visit their website here. The club has regular field trips which are designed to help develop people’s birding skills, and I can thoroughly recommend these field trips.

Penny Williams

Ray Phillips

Regional Organiser for the Heronries Census

I’m Ray Phillips and following an appeal, I volunteered to assist Penny in her role as the Regional Representative and agreed to become the Regional Organiser for the Heronry Census in Surrey.

I have been a member of the BTO for many years, but since becoming semi-retired I have taken the opportunity to use my free time to take on a more active role than rather than just a sleeper.

If you would like to assist with the Heronry census or require more information, please contact me at

I am also the treasurer of the Surrey Bird Club.

Ray Phillips

Allan Goddard

Regional Organiser for the Breeding Waders of Wet Meadows Survey 2020 & Volunteer

I responded to Penny’s plea for help in her role as Regional Rep and agreed to take on responsibility for the 2020 Breeding Waders of Wet Meadows Survey. 

I have lots of experience in carrying out surveys.  So far as BTO volunteer surveys are concerned, I am the WeBS counter for Staines Reservoir. A job I’ve done for the last 40 years.  I also do 2 BBS squares which I’ve done for over 10 years and I took part in the recent wintering survey as well.  I surveyed 3 woods in 2019 for the English Farm Woodland Bird Survey and I have taken part in the Woodcock Survey.  I took part in the most recent Atlas Project and both the ones previous to this.

I have also carried out many surveys for the BTO and RSPB through contract work and employment respectively, so anyone who has a query on how to carry out a survey please get in touch with me.  My email is

Allan Goddard

Debbie Hodges

Regional Ambassador for Surrey & Volunteer

Hi, I’m Debbie and in February 2020 I was appointed Surrey Regional Ambassador to support and assist Penny Williams.

I have a passion for all things wildlife, conservation and environment.  My interest in birds began as a small girl (well, I’m still small but no longer a girl!) growing up in Gloucestershire.  In my teens and early twenties I didn’t have much time for it but my interest rekindled when I moved to Twickenham and was able to regularly walk in both Bushy and Richmond Parks.   I love all birds but have a particular passion for ospreys and peregrines and spend hours glued to the webcams, much to my husband’s dismay!

I’ve lived in Surrey now for the past 18 years and have been quite active with both Surrey Bird Club and the BTO.  I participate in both Garden Birdwatch and WeBs where I have 2 sites.  I’ve also undertaken a number of ad hoc surveys as well as having a tetrad for the 2007-11 Bird Atlas.  Every year you can find me in Jubilee Square, Woking talking about the peregrines!

I look forward to meeting many of you in my new role. My email is

Andrew Lockett

Website & Volunteer

Since February 2020, I’ve been helping out by setting up the new BTO Surrey region website. Together with my wife I’ve been taking part in the BBS on our local patch for many years and was also involved in the 2007-2011 Bird Atlas project.

I’ve just started using the Bird Track app with the aim of becoming a better birder in 2020 and ‘making my birdwatching count’!

I’m also looking forward to taking part in more BTO surveys over the coming year and getting to know my local patch birds.

My email is

Andrew Lockett