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Important message regarding COVID-19

Updated 14/01/2021:

As a result of the latest national lockdown, guidance is that survey work in England should only be carried out within the boundaries of your own property.

See following guidance from BTO: "In England, BTO surveys are technically permitted to continue through the exemption provided by the ‘voluntary or charitable activities’ clause which became applicable in November following guidance from Defra. However, the situation throughout the UK is currently extremely serious and we would very strongly advise all volunteers to err on the side of caution and adhere to the restrictions imposed on the general public. In England, this entails limiting your survey activities to within the boundary of the property in which you reside."

Before conducting any survey please read the latest BTO guidance here.

BTO Surrey region

Make your birding count – volunteer and support BTO surveys, schemes and projects!

The local Surrey BTO region runs several surveys across the patch. Since the BTO Surrey region is made up of a number of grid squares its coverage isn't quite the same as the County of Surrey and includes small parts of neighbouring counties.

Out birding

Read more about the area and surveys we are involved with here.

BTO Surrey aims to:

* Maintain good coverage of surveys in the Surrey region, through recruitment and providing support to volunteers.

* Foster a vibrant community engaged and kept up to date with news and feedback of the results of their collective efforts.

* Create a community integrated into the local bird scene, with links to local bird clubs, similar groups and other neighbouring BTO communities.


About the BTO

The Surrey region is one part of the BTO organisation which wants to:

Make birdwatching count

By empowering 60,000 bird-enthusiasts to gather vital data, develop their skills and be part of a vibrant community.

Champion impartial science

By answering the most pressing questions about birds, through thorough and impartial scientific research.

Share bird knowledge

By communicating its knowledge and expertise to increase the value of birds and other wildlife for all.

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